Warranty Information


Your Highmark by Snowpulse pack comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty valid from the date of purchase. During this timeframe, Highmark by Snowpulse will cover all repair and outbound shipping for your pack (should it fall under a valid warranty claim), not including standard wear and tear or damage caused by extreme or inappropriate use. We may ask you to send a photo prior to submitting for warranty work to determine if the work is covered.

Please note that this two-year warranty is valid from date of purchase.  Thus, upon purchasing your pack it is an extremely good idea to keep your receipt to prove when you purchased your pack. If you cannot prove when you purchased your pack, we will have to go by the date of manufacture to calculate the two-year warranty.

Highmark by Snowpulse is happy to provide a repair service on all Highmark by Snowpulse packs not covered under warranty. Cost will depend on type/extent of repair.


  1. Call 1.888.987.SLED or email warranty [at] snowpulsehighmark {dot} com to start your claim.
  2. Receive an RA # from Mountain Sports Distribution/Highmark by Snowpulse.
  3. Mail your pack to Mountain Sports Distribution/Highmark by Snowpulse with the RA clearly displayed on the package. Customer pays for shipping.  Please note that we do not require the cylinder to be mailed back to us.
  4. If repair is not covered under warranty, you will be contacted by the warranty department with the cost/details of the repair. If it is covered by repair, the warranty department will not contact you unless a delay is to occur in the repair.
  5. Mountain Sports Distribution/Highmark by Snowpulse will return your pack to you.



Please note that 1.0 Series Cylinders are now out of service. Service Centres can no longer provide services (repair, refill) on these products and we highly recommend upgrading your product to the latest 3.0 system (with 2.0 cylinder).

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