Highmark Charger Vest – SM/MD

Highmark Charger Vest Avalanche Airbag

The Highmark Charger Vest is a game changer in the design of avalanche airbags. From the drawing board comes the Charger Vest.  With the vest, snowmobilers are equipped with an avalanche airbag which can provide complete chest impact protection, maximum freedom of movement, a conforming fit, and a front zipper free vest.

Goal accomplished, the game is changed.

The Highmark Charger Vest comes with built in chest protection and in two sizes S/M and L/XL. (Looking for the Lg/XL ?) Check it out here.

Snowpulse 3.0 Technology

Smarter. Better. The all new 3.0 System. Introducing the new ultralight, ultracompact avalanche airbag system from Snowpulse. Featuring an intuitive handle with adjustable height, new user-friendly set-up and the lightest, most compact system ever designed by Snowpulse.

The Handle

In an emergency situation, deployment of the airbag needs to be fast and intuitive. Studies have shown that in an extreme situation, many users are over-challenged and do not manage to activate the airbag. Snowpulse’s new deployment handle is more intuitive to operate and is also height-­adjustable to allow it to be adapted to the wearer’s body height. The deployment handle is now a bright orange color to make it even more visible. There is no change to the tried-and-tested “T” shape of our ­deployment handle. The handle can be folded to allow compact storage in the shoulder strap.

The Inflation System

The Inflation System 3.0 describes the component used to deploy the airbag. The system activates the deployment mechanism which opens the pressure cartridge with a pin and fills the airbag. The integrated air volume amplifier also sends ambient air to the airbag in addition to the gas stored in the pressure cartridge. One of Snowpulse’s objectives for the new development was to bring the air volume amplifier and deployment mechanism together in a single housing in order to save space and weight. The inflation system is reliable, low-maintenance and extremely user-friendly: just screw the cartridge in and you’re ready to go!

The Weight

The Snowpulse 3.0 is Snowpulse’s lightest airbag system of all time and weighs less than 1 liter of water. At less than 1kg, this is the lightest system they have ever developed.

The Removable Airbag System (RAS)

Reliability: Always ready in an emergency: any condition ready. The avalanche airbag is a piece of safety equipment that needs to work with 100% certainty and reliability in an emergency – irrespective of weather, temperature and external pressure. Only pressure cartridges offer precisely the reliability of a dependable energy store over a period of years. This technology also guarantees a very high initial pressure to unfold the airbag reliably even in situations of external loading. Our focus in the latest development was on making the system even more user-friendly and further reducing maintenance.

The Highmark Charger (Small / Medium) is available for pre-order. Order here now and you’ll receive yours first this fall!

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 27 x 18 x 5 in



6.65 lbs (includes airbag & cylinder)

Airbag System

Removable Airbag System (RAS)

Probe Storage

Interior Probe Sleeve

Shovel Storage

Exterior Handle Holder, Exterior (Front) Blade Sleeve

Additional Pockets

Avalanche Safety Sleeve (Interior)


One Size

Front Pockets


Side Adjustments

2 straps, 2 buttons


YKK Oversized


Aluminum & Plastic




  1. Kaitlyn Milne

    Love the idea of this bag. How big is the storage?

    • Jessica Joy

      Hi Kaitlyn – the CHARGER has 16L of storage 🙂

  2. Daniel Siebert

    Highmark makes the best avalanche vest. How much is the GHARGER vest?

    • Jessica Joy

      Hey Daniel – the CHARGER Vest is $899.

  3. Jorgen Moller

    just got my Charger Vest and it looks and fits great! Question, I did not see any instructions with it? is the bag packed and ready, just ass canister? and how do you use the white “test pull” piece

    • Jessica Joy

      Hi Jorgen;

      Glad to hear the vest fits! The pack comes set and ready to go, so you can just screw in the cylinder (check the gauge first as always to ensure it’s at the correct PSI) and you’re good to go.)
      Check out the manuals here: https://snowpulsehighmark.com/contact-us/
      for complete operational info.

  4. Jack

    What is the recommended size for someone who is 6 feet tall and weights in at about 175 with street clothes on? Thanks

    • Jessica Joy

      Howdy – we typically recommend the L/XL for guys that are 5’10” and up. I think that’s the one for you!

  5. Jake Ufford

    Is thus vest compatible with a hydration bladder?

    • Moa Bergstrom

      Hi Jake,
      The vest hasn’t been designed for any specific hydration bladder and does not have a bladder department.

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Price: CAD $899.00


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